Ways to Use Our Nut Butters

Spread it around! Our nut butters are a great way to add nutrition and flavor recipes. Here are some ways to use our nut butters.

1. In spreads & dips
Use it do dip your fruits or vegetables. You could dip strawberries in our hazelnut butter, apples with pecan butter and celery with almond butter.

2. In sauces
Nut butters can be used in a wide variety of sauces to top vegetables, pasta, or your favorite plant-based protein. Try grilled vegetables with an almond romesco sauce or slather some pecan butter sauce over a baked sweet potato.

3. In salad dressings
Nut butters can turn simple salads from boring to amazing. 

5. In smoothies
A spoonful of nut butter adds protein and flavor to your morning smoothie. 

6. At breakfast
Start the day with a little help from your nut butter friends: swirl some almond butter or pecan butter into your morning oatmeal or add our pecan butter to a batch of muffins to make them decadent. Use it on rice cakes, oatmeal and even on toast. On the weekend, treat yourself to some waffles with our hazelnut butter.

7. In desserts
Make a simple pecan butter topping for ice cream or a decadent hazelnut tart.



Written by Kelly Santaella


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